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Oracle JavaOne 2013

It’s day two of JavaOne 2013 and I am already done giving both of my talks. This is a new one for me because whenever I speak at conferences usually I have at least one talk on the last day, and after lunch too. So I am usually stressed out the whole time making sure my talk is ready.

There is no shortage of things to do for me to do for the next two days. Tons of technical sessions for me to attend, and it’s all over the place. For work I still need to get into one of the Nashorn sessions. There are also a lot of cool JavaFX sessions that you will likely see me at. The ever popular Script Bowl has a new companion the “Emerging Language” bowl for the up and coming languages (but not befunge or piet unfortunately).

There is also the expo hall. While smaller than before the oracle purchase what is missing is the non-developer focused booths. So if you are a developer the full value of the expo in a smaller space. The swag grabs have also chilled out some since the actual content of the booth is often the draw. You can still get some good swag, although the better swag requires steps like deploying an application to Cloud Foundry or dropping a link to the Oracle Technology Network in your blog post. Even though I just did a name drop to get a t-shirt, I actually do like these approaches because it increases the engagement with the attendees. As opposed to the scan and run approach followed months later by the sheepish admission to the salesman when they call up that they only got your name because you wanted some flashing bouncy balls for your kids. Purely hypothetical example. That is not the voice of experience. ;)

Well, I can’t spend my whole time on my computer, I’m trying to pay attention to a session about Compact Profiles.